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Contour is a blog/webzine dedicated to celebrating creative people and their passions.

Every month Contour features conversations with artists from a variety of mediums, showcasing their work and acquiring insights into their creative process and inspiration. We also feature reviews and music mixes as well as random items culled from the web that we find interesting.

If you wish to submit work for consideration, give us a shout using the contact form.



Nikolai Soudek
Nikolai is a partner at Squeaky Wheel Media and a DJ/music producer based in New York City. Some of his favorite things include:

  • sushi
  • mixtapes
  • road trips
  • “how to” books
  • caffeine




Len Williams
A creative idea hustla originally from Michigan, who cut his creative teeth in the concrete canyons of NYC and is now a Creative Director for a boutique agency in Sydney Australia. Len dabbles in social media and enjoys cool, smart creative pieces.





Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan
Michael is an actor, writer and photographer in Los Angeles.

  • Walking with a purpose, not because it’s healthy.
  • Mexican food.
  • Surfing and boxing.
    Dislikes it when people:
  • disrespect service workers
  • do what he does instead of what he says

Keep up with him at his website and Tumblr.


Jennifer Odell

Jennifer Odell
Jennifer Odell is a freelance writer covering New Orleans music, jazz and pop culture who spends Sundays dancing in the street to brass bands and yelling about the Saints. You can read more of her thoughts on music in Downbeat Magazine or on twitter at @jennieo504. Whodat!






  1. Ingrid H. Townsend says:

    What a unique and dynamic emag.. I love browsing, reading and listening, and look forward to more!
    Most inspiring to read about the various artists and to get some insight into their creative output. Amazing!
    Keep it going…

  2. nsoudek says:

    Thanks!!!!! :-)

  3. Eva says:

    The creativity with which this site is curated is at least equal to the creativity of the artists highlighted. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Superbly done, Nikolai.

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