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“What Do Eyes Love” exhibition

Stunning pics from the exhibition “What Do Eyes Love,” a collaboration between Hong Kong-based design firm OUTSIGN.lab and CLOT. Shot by photographer Paul Tsang and styled by Philip Chu, the exhibit engages viewers to open themselves up to new experiences. The project features several prominent icons including supermodel Shupei Qin, Hilary Tsui, Anthony Wong, Wyman Wong and Sam Lee.

Via Diane Pernet

Shupei Qin – Reflective
Shupei Qin - Reflective

Hilary Tsui – Psychedelic
Hilary Tsui - Psychedelic

Anthony Wong – Inconstant
Anthony Wong - Inconstant

Wymon Wong – Brilliant
Wymon Wong - Brilliant

Sam Lee – Power
Sam Lee - Power

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