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Michael Jackson “Thriller” Figma

Japanese Toy company Max Factory is releasing its MJ “Thriller” figma later this month. I must admit, I squealed like a little girl when I saw this.

The figure’s flexible joints allow you to put MJ in an array of dynamic poses. You can also switch his head out to be either the happy “Pepsi-smile” MJ or the “I’m coming to get your daughter” zombie one.

Michael Jackson "Thriller" Figma

Michael Jackson "Thriller" Figma

Michael Jackson "Thriller" Figma


Near-perfection, the only thing missing is a wolf-man mode…

Thriller - Wolf












Buy it at BBTS.


Via Super Punch



  1. nsoudek says:

    As of mid-October 2011, this figma has still not arrived, with Max Factory repeatedly delaying the arrival date, with no explanation. A call to customer service was met with a scornful “Do you want to cancel your order?” Get it together guys!