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Tristan Eaton Exhibit at SCOPE Art Basel

Artist/Designer Tristan Eaton recently exhibited 17 paintings at SCOPE Art Basel, the annual art fair featuring work from contemporary artists around the world.

Eaton’s paintings are from his series “The 17 Virgins of Martyrdom.” The paintings are 6” x 8”, acrylic and spray paint on wood. They depict heavily shrouded women and bright, colorful patterns.1

The sensual interplay between the women and the tapestry of shapes in which they alternately emerge and are concealed reminds me a lot of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, particularly The Kiss. I like how Eaton puts a twist on that dynamic by alluding to the Islamic burqa, with all of the political and societal charge that carries– it is up to the viewer to intuit whether the womens’ covering is oppressive or empowering, erotic or tragic, reverent or reductive.

Tristan Eaton

Keep up with Tristan Eaton at:
Thunderdog Studios (Tristan Eaton’s website)


1Via Bernstein & Andriulli


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