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Garbage Pail Kids-Inspired Art @ Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988, who brought us the Crazy 4 Cult exhibitions, continues their winning streak with another pop culture-themed art show, this time based around 80’s gross-out phenomenon the Garbage Pail Kids.

The exhibit is at their Melrose location and goes until October 1st. I’ve included some of my faves below, you can view more at Gallery 1988.

Rhys Cooper

“Dull Boyde” - Rhys Cooper

Dave MacDowell

“Jules Drools” - Dave MacDowell

Casey Weldon

"Peepin' Tom" - Casey Weldon


“Sprayed Wade” - Scribe


"Idle Hans" - Betso


"Abandoned Amanda" - Misha

Andrew DeGraff

"Woody Allen" - Andrew DeGraff

Steve Seeley

"Manny Heads" - Steve Seeley

(I love the 80’s cross-pollination here, with Seeley’s reference to the classic He-Man character Man-E-Faces)

Kyle Norris

"Fake Jake" - Kyle Norris

N.C. Winters

“Zack Unzipped” - N.C. Winters

Ruel Pascual

“Love Hurts” - Ruel Pascual


View more at Gallery 1988


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