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Mr. Kaves video by The New Pop

Our friend Trevz over at The New Pop shot and directed a mini-documentary featuring legendary artist and musician Michael McLeer, a.k.a. Mr. Kaves. In it Kaves discusses what it was like growing up in Brooklyn in the late 70’s and how this influenced his creative trajectory.

Mr. Kaves

The branded 3-part video series was produced for the French wine company George Dubeouf, for which Mr. Kaves designed a label.

View Trevz’s 3-minute Director’s Cut below:

“I was always a storyteller as a child, we always communicated with our stories, and with our music. One medium doesn’t have to be your thing– you could do film, you could use paint to do it, you can do music…just as long as it’s an expression, there’s no limit.” – Mr. Kaves

I appreciate this sentiment and overall find Kaves’ longevity and versatility as an artist pretty inspiring.

The New Pop


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