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Rome: “Two Against One” feat. Jack White

“Two Against One” is one of the standout tracks from Rome, the 2011 album by Danger Mouse and Italian film composer Daniele Luppi. It features vocals by Jack White over a haunting and relentless guitar riff.

The official video is a brooding, feverish affair directed by Anthony Francisco Schepperd and Chris Milk, who some may remember as the man who spearheaded Arcade Fire’s innovative “We Used to Wait” video.


When putting together Rome, Danger Mouse recruited the vocal & lyrical talents of both Jack White and Norah Jones. The “trailer” below provides a bit of back story on how this collaborative effort came to be.


In addition to “Two Against One” director Chris Milk created an interactive video for 3 Dreams of Black, which leverages Google Chrome’s OpenGL technology to create a surreal 3D dreamscape which the user can navigate and even customize with their own elements. You can check that out here.



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