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Zen Table by Simon Hallam

“This is very much my dream job, creating these pieces of art that merge electronics, programming and wood crafting together.” -Simon Hallam

California-based inventor Simon Hallam is the creator of the Zen Table, a remarkable work of art that employs electronics and robotics to sculpt geometric patterns into a field of silicone beads beneath a glass table top.

To date Hallam is offering a large “coffee table” version and a smaller “desktop” version. The coffee table version features an optional 3G modem which can receive new programs for sculpting via the cellphone network, along with a service plan subscription that will push new designs to the table as they are created.

Hallam hopes to build the Zen Table into a sustainable business, expanding it to encompass hotel lobbies, conference rooms, bars, and other venues.

Zen Table by Simon Hallam


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