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Coffee Break for Heroes & Villains Vol. 21: Beastie Boys Tribute

In honor of Adam Yauch’s life and career Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains has curated a playlist of Beastie Boys interviews, b-sides and rarities.

According to Coffee Break host/founder Noah Zark:

“The news of Adam Yauch’s passing was so heart breaking to me. Like so many people of my generation, we grew up with the Beastie Boys and evolved as they evolved . . . Years later I’m still a fan of their music as well as their message and specifically the words that MCA spoke. It was so great to see someone say “Hey, hurting people is not right, come along with me”, and people did! They listened and learned. We evolved as they evolved. Instead of being sad and I know it’s hard not to be, but let’s celebrate Adam’s music and life!”

Amen to that…take a listen below and listen to additional shows at Coffee Break Radio.

1. Interview (1987)
2. Transit Cop (Demo from Tim Sommer’s “Noise the Show”) (1981)
3. Cooky Puss (1983)
4. Hold It Now, Hit It (World Premiere on Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack on WBLS) (1986) (Thank you Will C.)
5. So What’cha Want (IDF Promo / Israeli Defence Force radio station) (1995)
6. Jimmy James (1992)
7. ?uestlove (The Roots) on The Beastie Boys @ Rock Hall 2012 Inductions
8. Party’s Getting Rough (snippet) (1985)
9. Beastie Groove (1985)
10. Super Disco Breakin’ (1998)
11. Sure Shot (1994)
12. Soba Violence (Aglio e Olio Japanese bonus track) (1995)
13. Skills To Pay The Bills (b-side) (1992)
14. Sucker MC’s feat. Doug E. Fresh from Hip Hop Honors (2004)
15. Something’s Got To Give (1992)
16. Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack on WBLS intro (1986 / 87)
17. Slow And Low (1986)
18. Four Fly Guys feat. The Beastie Boys – Hurricane (1994)
19. The Vibes (b-side) (1994)
20. Resolution Time (b-side) (1994)
21. Interview May 1998 in Lisbon
22. Egg Man (1989)
23. Egg Raid On Mojo (1982)
24. Drum Machine – MCA And Burzootie (1985)
25. Dope Little Song (b-side) (1994)
26. The Rat Cage (2007)
27. Interview May 1998 in Lisbon
28. Bodhisattva Vow (1994)
29. Ask For Janice (1989)
30. Full Clout aka Shake Your Rump (demo) (1988?)
31. So What ‘Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix feat B-Real) (1992)
32. Interview May 1998 in Lisbon
33. Scenario (demo) – This is their Schoolly D tribute.
34. Interview May 1998 in Lisbon
35. Shambala (1994)
36. Get It Together (A.B.A. Remix) feat. Q-Tip (1994)
37. I’m Down (Unreleased Licensed To Ill sessions) (1986)
38. I Don’t Know feat. Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto (1998)

Listen to additional shows at Coffee Break Radio.

Thanks to Nickodemus for the heads up.

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