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A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

Jeremiah McDonald is an actor and filmmaker based in Portland, Maine. Since 2006 he has produced a variety of short-form videos, many of which became viral hits including Jazz Dispute and YouTube Is My Life.

His latest viral smash is a clever and touching venture twenty years in the making. Check it out below:

One part I find especially compelling is the older Jeremiah’s reaction to his younger self’s drawing, particularly his musing upon how this means of expression which he gleefully embraced as a child has been neglected over the years. It is a moment that a lot of us can relate to and I was heartened to discover that he has set up a tumblr account that aims to reconnect him with his “first love.”

View more of Jeremiah McDonald’s videos at Weeping Prophet Productions.
Encourage his pursuit of drawing at


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