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“Is My Food Really Organic?” iPhone Sensors by Lapka

These days it is common for manufacturers to label their products as “green” and “organic” without truly honoring consumers’ expectations of food that is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

For health-conscious consumers who want an easy way to take matters into their own hands…(drum roll)…there’s an app for that.

Lapka is a set of four sensors that connect to one’s iPhone to measure environmental radiation, EMF (electromagnetic field) levels, humidity levels and whether or not one’s food is organic.


The sensors are connected via the headphone jack and display measurements through a free app. Upon scanning the app alerts the user as to whether environmental levels are in a range that should raise concern. In the case of food, this could be a concentration of nitrate, a chemical found in non-organic fertilizers.

The product is in its final production stage, with Lapka Electronics planning to start taking orders for it in late 2012 at a price of $220. Lapka hopes to pursue additional monitors in the future, including an allergen sensor, glucometer, fitness tracker and blood pressure monitor.


A nifty idea, with a pretty slick design. Let’s hope that the technology lives up to its promise.

Sources: Inhabitat & Mashable

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