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Ukiyo-e Illustrations of Classic Video Game Heroes

Jed Henry pays tribute to classic video game heroes by illustrating them in the style of Ukiyo-e, the traditional woodblock prints from Japan. Needless to say, pure nerdgasm ensues.

A few choice selections below, followed by an in-depth video detailing his creative process.

Jed Henry - Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Jed Henry - Mario (Super Mario Bros)

Super Mario Bros

Simon Belmont (Castlevania)


Jed Henry - Metroid


Jed Henry - Metroid


Jed Henry - Star Fox

Star Fox

Jed Henry - Pokemon


Jed Henry - Mega Man

Mega Man

Jed Henry - Street Fighter

Street Fighter (click for enlarged view)


Jed Henry details his creative process:

Keep up with Jed Henry at his Tumblr.

Thanks to Geek Art for the heads up.


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