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This Land Is Mine – An Animated Musical Short by Nina Paley

This Land Is Mine is an animated short by Nina Paley. Described as “a brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant,” 1 the video is a provocative meditation on the endless cycle of bloodshed in that disputed region.

The character design, music and choreography all converge to create an impression that is both disturbing and hilarious. History buffs may split hairs over the exact chronology presented (which Paley breaks down for us on her blog), but in doing so they are missing the point: the roles are interchangeable and this saga of violence and entitlement will conclude with only one victor…and it won’t be any of us.

"This Land Is Mine" - Nina Paley


Paley plans to incorporate this video into a much longer project entitled “Seder-Masochism.” You can learn more by visiting her blog.

Thanks to our friend Nappy G for the heads up.

1 Source: This Land Is Mine


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