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Video: Lynx’s Augmented Angels

Augmented reality has been a buzzword for quite a while now, and yet it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that an ad campaign appeared that used it for seemingly obvious means—using virtual babes to market to men (duh).

Lynx - Augmented Angel

This never happens to me at Penn Station.

The deodorant company Lynx set up a branded spot on the floor of London’s Victoria train station, adorned with the packaging of their latest scent and the message to “look up.”

Upon doing so the person standing on the decal saw an angel virtually fall down beside them on the overhead video screen, and then strut seductively around them. Needless to say, many a hapless fellow attempted to cop a feel as the models sauntered around the screen.

This clever stunt is part of a global campaign produced by BBH London spanning TV, press, OOH and digital. Well done!

Source: Red Pepper Flakes / FRUKT


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