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Jon Fox: Sacred Geometry

Jon Fox is a painter and illustrator from the UK whose art evokes epic scenes of discovery, conflict and upheaval. I discovered his work in the pages of Juxtapoz and was immediately enthralled by his distinctive Tron-meets-Ukiyo-E visual style.

Who are these entities, and what do their machinations portend for the fragmented worlds they occupy?

“[They] represent thoughts and emotions, sometimes revealed in the heat of battle, sometimes caught up in seemingly endless cycles of mind games and thought puzzles or pondering over galactic connections, each scene taking place in a variety of lucid and illusionary levels and arenas of consciousness . . . I guess to try and find the source of crea-tion (inside myself) where ideas are invented, decisions are weighed up, choices are made..where thought and emotion become the trigger for movement and put into action. I wanted to find out who gives the orders? Who’s in control?…who is really the master of this inner universe?” 1

Jon Fox - Faith in shapes

Jon Fox - T.B.A

Jon Fox - So shall it be...

Jon Fox - Dark Apollo

Jon Fox - Foolish Tempers

Jon Fox - Wake up Call

Jon Fox - Pick Your Own

Jon Fox - Pushing Through

Jon Fox - Emperor's Dream


Check out more of Jon Fox’s bold and elaborate art at Soulofagiant.com


1 Source: Jon Fox: About


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