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Levi Maestro x Vans Vault

Videographer Levi Maestro has teamed up with Vans to create his own signature Vault sneaker, to be released in January 2012. The shoes are made from premium grey leather, with square laceholes and a touch of chromatic flare on the soles.

In a recent interview with Sneaker Freaker, Levi explained how his personal philosophy and taste informed the design of the shoe:

“Grey is just my favorite color and the bottom is like the idea of how a person can sometimes be different inside than they appear on the exterior. I got the multicolour idea from a sneaker I had from them with a three-color bottom, seven is the number of completion so that’s how I ran it . . . [the square shape of the lace holes] is something I’m really hyped about because I haven’t seen it on another Vans shoe. I’m kind of stuck on waxed laces and since the rest of the shoe is so clean and simplistic, I wanted the laces to flesh cleaner than they typically do with eyelets.”

Levi Maestro x VANS Vault

Levi Maestro x VANS Vault

Levi Maestro x VANS Vault

Levi Maestro x VANS Vault


Read more + watch a quick interview with Levi over at Sneaker Freaker.


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