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The “Blest” Machine: Converting Plastic Garbage to Oil

Imagine if instead of putting your plastic garbage in a bin and hoping that it doesn’t get chucked in a landfill, you could feed it into a household appliance and create your own oil?

The Japanese company Blest has created just such a device. The “Blest” machine converts everyday plastic garbage—bottles, containers, bags—into crude oil, which can either be burned as is or further refined into diesel, gasoline, or kerosene.

Blest Machine

In this video produced by United Nations University, Blest CEO Akinori Ito demonstrates the machine and discusses its potential to impact how people perceive their garbage and the implications for the environment at large.

The current countertop model can convert one kilo of plastic into one liter of oil. It has a price tag of around $10K, which is yet to be a feasible investment for most households, but the company hopes to bring the cost down in the near future.

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