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“Kilian Martin: Altered Route” – A Skate-Art Film by Brett Novak

“Kilian Martin: Altered Route” is a short film by director-editor Brett Novak. Set to a gorgeous and melancholy song by Patrick Watson, it features acclaimed freestyle skater Kilian Martin gliding and flipping his way through an abandoned amusement park in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

Shots of Kilian’s lone figure winding through the tattered and forgotten terrain are seamlessly intercut with festive footage of the park in its heyday. It’s a somber yet strangely uplifting spectacle, as if Kilian is rekindling a bit of the park’s spirit with nothing but his own imagination and a will to engage his surroundings.

Kilian Martin: Altered Route

The film was made in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, you can learn more about it and read an interview with Brett and Kilian here.

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Thanks to our friend Eric Pranzarone for the heads up.


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