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“GATS (Graffiti Against the System) Pt. 1” by Voice of Art

Voice of Art (VOA) is a documentary series that showcases political and socially conscious artists around different issues, events and activities. It was created by John Carr and Z.S. Grant and is shown on Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other YouTube channel.

VOA’s latest episode highlights Oakland-based graffiti artist GATS (Graffiti Against The System) and his philosophy of connecting with his community via his art, with commentary by others including artist/musician Roberto Miguel. Watch it below:

“The vast majority of individuals don’t have the power to put up a billboard, so by writing on a wall, it’s almost like ‘That person’s on my team, WE did that. They’re speaking to me because it’s on the same level as me.'” -GATS

“We need to make the streets a conversation . . . we have to take it to the same place that the ads are…which is fucking everywhere! Newport can tell me to smoke all fuckin’ day, and I can’t say ‘prosecute the cop that killed this kid?'” -Roberto Miguel

Voice of Art


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