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…Isms: Understanding Modern Art by Sam Phillips

The latest in Rizzoli’s “…isms” series, Isms - Understanding Modern ArtIsms: Understanding Modern Art by Sam Phillips (Universe Publishing, 2013) is a pocket-sized guide to the major and minor groups, styles and schools that have shaped art from the late 19th century until today.

It’s a handy resource for anyone seeking to brush up on some of the most notable artists and movements within the last 150 years, from Impressionism to contemporary Street Art.

For each “ism” Phillips includes a brief summary, an in-depth analysis, a list of key artists, key words and essential works from the movement, as well as mentions of other movements that the reader might be interested in…all within a span of 2 pages(!) per entry.

He also employs a system of color-coding, iconography and assorted imagery that makes for a visually engaging and easy-to-scan reference.

The book has become a staple of my daily commute and is highly recommended. Learn more about it at Rizzoli.


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