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Video: Street Fighter Motion Sculptures

This far-out tribute to Capcom’s classic Street Fighter 2 video game was created by Dublin-based art director & video editor Dan the Ad Man, who sought to teach himself Cinema 4D and Vray in his spare time.

The film re-envisions several of the game’s iconic characters as abstract 3D renderings, whose dizzying maneuvers leave gorgeous Cubist trails in their wake:

We love how Dan incorporated Street Fighter 2‘s original soundtrack and choreography, honoring the source material while transforming it into something else entirely. Bravo!

Dan dutifully lists all of his tools and resources on his Vimeo page. He also credits the short film “Forms” by Memo Akten and Quayola as an inspiration:


Keep up with the ongoing adventures of Dan the Ad Man at his website.

Via Hypebeast

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