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Louis CK Honors George Carlin

In a clip from the Tribute to George Carlin at the New York Public Library in March 2010, comedian Louis CK reflects on the influence the late George Carlin had on his career.

After 15 years of doing stand-up Louis was depressed and had bottomed out creatively. Learning of Carlin’s gutsy approach to creating new material inspired him not only to keep pursuing his art, but more importantly to leave his comfort zone and commit to evolving his act with every passing year.


For further insights into Louis CK’s methodology in regards to his material, as well as that of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Ricky Gervais, check out my previous post with excerpts from HBO’s special Talking Funny.

More of the Tribute to George Carlin can be viewed on the NYPL website.

Kudos to YouTube user Bromista5 for posting this video.


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