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“Yasiin Gaye – Inner City Travellin’ Man” – Mash-Up by Amerigo Gazaway

Nashville-based producer Amerigo Gazaway has made a name for himself with a string of mash-up projects including Fela Soul and the Bizarre Tribe; A Quest To The Pharcyde mixtape.

His most recent release is Yasiin Gaye – Inner City Travellin’ Man, which weaves together vocals from Marvin Gaye and Yasiin Bey over a framework of samples from Gaye’s Motown classics. The result is a gorgeous and suprisingly cohesive arrangement:


Yasiin GayeGazaway painstakingly connects not only musical elements but thematic ones as well; the samples from various interviews, lyrics and refrains all mesh seamlessly to convey the narrative of a wayward artist. Bravo!

The track is the first in a new series called Soul Mates, Gazoway’s envisioning of “collaborations that never were.” You can learn more at his website.

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